The traditional food is keeping pace with the modern train

2016-11-08 by Ellie
  In the past, people were only able to make noodles by their own hands, as there were no dough making machine, noodle forming machine, noodle cutting machine and noodle drying machine available, so the work efficiency and product quality was very low.
  However, with the development of science and technology, the production of noodles is totally finished by machines with convenience and cleanness.
  In fact, the noodle has been developing a new road in the past years since the coming of modern times, which can meet the needs of consumers but also innovate itself. According to the statistics, the production of noodle includes flour mixing, dough sheet pressing, noodle forming, cutting, hanging, drying and packaging. The process used to rely on artificial methods, which was not only unhealthy but also wasted a lot of time and energy.
  With the continuous development of food technology and research of modern equipment, the production of traditional noodle can be finished with a production line.
 stick noodle processing line
  This stick noodle processing line is widely used among manufactures, and the process can be divided into two parts, the former and later. The former production consists of flour mixing machine, rolling machine, noodle forming machine, cutting machine, and the later production includes drying machine, automatic weighting machine and packing machine.
  As long as you press the button, it can work automatically. With the diversification of noodles, the width and length can be controlled by the device.
However, how to guarantee the healthy quality of noodle production and keep the taste of noodle should be always the key for noodle production manufacturers.         Food machinery has a close relationship with food production, so it is vital for machinery enterprises to keep innovating and improving all the time in the future.

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