How to Produce Sesame Candy Bar?

2018-06-21 by Lisa
This article is mainly about how to make sesame candy bar, which is a kind of time-honored dessert. It tastes fragrant, to make this food, we first need to find the ingredients to use. Ingredients: 2 cups sesame seeds (about 12 ounces), 1⁄2 cup honey, 1⁄2cup packed dark brown sugar or 1⁄2 cup light brown sugar, 1⁄2 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1⁄4 teaspoon ground ginger.
how to make sesame candy bar
Production Process of making sesame candy bar:
1, Put the sesame seeds into a 10-inch baking dish (preferably a non stick surface) and stir them about 5 to 10 minutes in the medium-high heat , or until they are lightly browned and aromatic.
2, Temporarily transfer the seeds (they will be hot) to a bowl, making sure that none are left in the skillet,set aside.
3, Put the honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, and ginger into the pan and mix them well.Slowly boil the mixture in the medium heat, stirring constantly.
4, As soon as the entire mixture comes to full rolling boil,then boiled it vigorously for 2 minutes.
5, Away from the heat and immediately stir in the sesame seeds until well mixed.
6, Put the hot mixture into the prepared pan quickly and use a metal spatula that has been dipped in cold water to press the candy into a very smooth and even layer.
7, Cooling the candy in the pan for l5 minutes, or until it is solid but still lukewarm.
8, Then put the whole slab of candy onto a wooden board or other cutting surface.
9, Use a sharp knife to cut the large square of the warm candy into small squares, diamonds or rectangles.
10, Cool the candies completely, then store them in a closed container at room temperature.

According to the steps above, you can make delicious sesame candy bar, if you want to start a sesame candy business, handmade is certainly not, must use sesame bar making machine to make sesame candy, using machines to make sesame candy production is large, uniform size, size can be changed, there are all kinds of sesame candy machine can choose.

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