Famous Delicious Caramel Treats

2016-11-08 by Lisa
Caramel treats is a famous traditional dessert in China especially in Shandong Heze, Jiangsu Changzhou and other places, it has bar, flat shape, sweet and crisp, pure taste delicious, nutritious, has many years of it history. And it is still healthy food for all ages.
Nowadays,the caramel treats in the market are mostly made of caramel treats machine,the caramel treats production line consists of heating and stirring, reciprocating flattened, automatic cuts, has a simple, stir finished size, weight the same. The far-infrared heating, non-stick barrel wall, stir, non-stick pot. Automatic control reciprocate flattened uniformly smooth. Automatic cutting machine, a molding, product size, weight the same.

Caramel Treats

Sugar port machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which can be heated by electric, coal, gas, steam, oil, with automatic mixing, tilting pouring. Automatic fryer machine use of direct heating equipment, high efficiency heat transfer, the thermal efficiency of up to 90℅ more. High efficient converter can meet your different products and different required frying time. Automatic temperature control can meet the production of a variety of products.

The machine is mainly suitable for the caramel treats, swelled candy rice, corn crisp, melon seeds crisp, black rice crisp that are square, convenient operation and maintenance, saving labor and cost, high efficiency and efficiency and long service life, also very popular in different countries.

The main features
1. Caramel Treats size can be adjustable, very easy to operate.
2.The working process is easy, only consist of mixing machine, molding and cutting machine. 
3.High quality stainless steel,the machine is made of stainless steel 304 material, meet food safety requirement.
4. Automatic cutting which is saving time, saving labor, economic and convenient.
5.Automatic temperature control, you can meet the production of a variety of products.
6. With a number of flat structure, suppressing flat, thickness uniformity.
7. High efficiency, easy to operate and maintain, saving labor cost.


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