The Procedures of Making Fried Fishes

2016-11-08 by Leo
fried fishes
  Foods are the gifts given by nature.Since the beginning of human food culture,people have developed various methods of cooking and eating.Among the various foods,many people like fried fishes.Usually,we buy fried fishes in markets.These fried fishes are often produced by frying machines.But actually,we can do this on our own to make delicious fried fishes.
  First,before all the procedures,it’s better that we know the nutrition and value of fishes.The substances possessed in fishes are very beneficial for our bodies and health.
  Fishes are delicate and have the functions of enriching our vital energy,warm our stomachs and embellish our skins.They are excellent foods for people to keep health.
  Meat of pigs,fowls and other animals are often possessed of much fat,but not fishes.Fishes have little quantity of fat.It won’t support too much extra energy for our bodies.Thus eating fishes won’t cause obesity.They are helpful for the blood of our bodies and bones.
  Fishes are full of protein,calcium,phosphor,iron and vitamin B1,etc.These substances can help to enhance memory,thinking ability,analysis ability and will slow down the rate of brains fading.And fishes are good for the functions of angiocarpy and can reduce blood viscosity and promote the circulation of blood.
  Besides,fishes have the functions of improving eyesight,miscarriage prevention,good for baby’s delivery and so on.And the collagen of fishes can strength the vitality and repair the cellular tissues of our bodies.
  And following are the detail steps of frying fishes.
    1.Wash the fish till it’s clean and cut it into some small particles.And it will be better if we cut averagely.
    2.Put proper cooking wine on the cut fish particles.Then put some salt.Then put some ginger slices,red hot chili peppers and other seasoning.
    3.Use chopsticks or other tools to stir to make the mixture average.Then pickle the particles for about two hours.
    4.After the pickling step,put little starch and stir till it gets average.
    5.Heat oil till enough temperature and put the particles in.And get out them when the surfaces turn out golden color.Then,delicious fried have been done.
  Frying fishes on our own will surely bring us a lot of fun of cooking.I believe that everyone will love it and enjoy the delicious fishes so much.


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