A Short Story about Chopsticks

2016-11-08 by Leo
union is strength
  What are stories?Stories are things that have happened or things that people made up to explain some truths.When reading stories,we can not only get to know some interesting things,but also obtain many meaningful principles.And these principles are always very helpful and have much guiding significance to us.And following is a story about chopsticks that are normally seen in people’s daily life.Perhaps some people don’t know that we can even learn much from chopsticks that are processed by round wood chopstick machines.And following is one very meaningful story.
  Once upon time,there was a home that the mother gave births to several kids.We may admire their life and think that their life must be very lively and happy.But the truth is opposite to this imagination.These brothers usually struggled with each other.And this always make the father pretty upset.A family of quarrels won’t be a happy one.So the father decided to improve the situation.He finally came up with an idea.
  One day,he gathered the brothers together around himself.The brothers were all very confused about father’s weird action.With the annoying noise made by the children surrounding his ears,he took out several branches of chopsticks.The children became more confused.They couldn’t understand what did the father mean.And the father said to them:”can anyone of you break off these gathered chopsticks?”The confused kids tried to snap the chopsticks one by one but no one succeed to make it.All the kids were disappointed.
  And then the father separated the chopsticks and distributed the chopsticks to kids.Then he asked them to try again.And everyone made it easily.Everyone became very happy.And the father said to them:”Boys,do you know why do I let you guys do this thing that seems unmeaningful?From what just happened,I believe you all have realized that one bunch of gathered chopsticks are harder than the separated ones.You can break one,but what about ten,one hundred,or more?Now do you understand that only by gathering together can we be strong?So I want you to not struggle with each other anyone.Thus we can face the trouble in the future.Get it?”And all the boys knocked their heads to mean yes.
  From the chopsticks,the kids learned that they need to stay together.And from this story,we also need to learn some principles.
  Life is not a lonely trip.We have many partners with us on the road.No matter what obstacles come to us,only by gathering together and depending on the strength of harmony can we fight with them and win the battles.


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