The stewed noodles-a good choice for noodles lovers

2016-11-22 by Ellie
Have you ever heard of Stewed Noodles before? If you like eating noodles in daily life, the Stewed Noodles will not be strange for you.
Stewed noodle is ranked into the Ten Famous Noodles of China, and has a history of more than 3000 years. Stewed noodle is characterized with combination of meat, vegetable, soup, and course, and it is famous in Henan province of China most. Main raw material of stewed noodle is excellent flavor and hot soup. With the feature of delicious taste and cheat price, it is popular in the North China. 
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The shape of stewed noodles looks like wide noodles, but its taste is more delicious than wide noodles to a great extent. If you are interested in stewed noodles, there are several stories about it familiar with consumers in China.
The story about the Emperor Taizong of Tang
It’s said that Li shimin was sick in a yard before he became the emperor. The mother and his son were too poor to provide any other foods for him, but they were kind-hearted, so the mother made noodles for him in a short time, so that the noodles were not cut into strips. After Li shimin ate the noodles, he felt better very soon, and he went back after recovering from his illness. Emperor Taizong of Tang was looking for the mother and son as he missed noodles made by them. Luckily, he found them finally, and then he appointed his cook to learn the production method from them. After that, the noodles were named stewed noodles and became an important for the emperor.
The story of master Zhao
According to the records, the stewed noodles are invented through the explosion of airplanes. In the Anti-Japanese War period, the Japan airplanes often attacked Zhengzhou, there was a famous cook named Zhao rongguang, who liked eating noodles very much. When the attacking was coming, he hint himself, and then he put the remained noodles and soup together after coming back. All of a sudden, he found that it was delicious too, so the stewed noodle became a famous and popular delicacy among consumers.
Nowadays, with the raid development of technology and equipment, most stewed noodles are made by fresh noodle maker in order to meet the market demand. As the globalization is deepening, stewed noodle has been introduced to countries around the world, especially countries and regions which is famous for noodle culture. There are differences between countries and regions with no doubt, in addition to economic exchanges and communication, cultural communication should also be paid attention. 


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