The story of the cube sugar

2016-11-25 by Tina

Mr Sugar in the kitchen originally, because the host's not careful, he dropped out of the box, on the desk. His size is very small, the day is always secretly behind the calendar, in order to avoid being discovered and thrown into the trash can. Dark lights at night, he would sneak out, and the new friends a story on the table.
Mr. On this day, miss cup and tray to get married, you know, from the moment of craftsmen made them, they agreed well grow old together. Look at two people hug happily together, Mr Sugar is very touched, he and the table of single gentlemen, looking forward to the beautiful love.
Until one day, miss, a pencil.
She wears a pink coat, wearing a blue hat, she has a tall good figure. The most important thing is, she is the most intelligent girl here in addition to the dictionary grandpa, she'll arithmetic and write. Mr Sugar felt in love, he miss like a pencil. Mr And miss him like a pencil and pen container, Mr Rubber and Mr White paper.
Mr Sugar some sad, he is from distant kitchen, didn't bring anything. Ok miss pencils do not mind his poverty, she likes to hear him speak adventure from the kitchen to the desk.
On one occasion, Mr Sugar is telling his friend urn spoons, duel girl to bowl and chopsticks, feet skid as a result, fell to bits. Pencil in miss sleepy asleep, her on his shoulder, then are fluttering in the air as if sweet smell.
Other like miss pencil bachelors envious.
Mr Rubber said: "no matter what you do wrong, I can correct your mistakes."
Mr Brush pot said: "I can give you safe home, inclusive you forever."
Mr White said, "can I give you the stage show ego, how much we match."
Miss pencil look at Mr Sugar, she must make a decision, otherwise others may drive them out. She doesn't want to leave here, because she has elegant place like this. Miss pencil tapping on the glass, there is half a cup of milk: "who dares to shelf jump from above, who is the most courageous."
Pencil is miss word spread quickly, she like a brave man, if who dare to jump into the milk cup off the shelf, who can be with her. Everyone thought it was a joke, because it is impossible for jump go out again, and will be thrown away along with milk.
Perhaps only Mr Sugar seriously, he stood on a high shelf, nobody knows how he climbed up. Miss everyone looked up at him, a pencil, too, she is proud of his courage.
Dictionary grandpa said, "son, come down, there is very dangerous."
Mr Sugar took a final look at miss pencil, he smiled, and then leap.
"What a silly boy." Said Mr Brush pot.
"Yes, there is nothing more than his fool." Said miss bookmarks.
Miss pencil didn't say anything, she sadly: if she is in love with him, like love myself she is anyway not a problem ah.
Come back to school for the children of the family, picked up a long drink glass, cried: "mom, today sweet milk!"

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