Rice noodles with sesame paste

2016-11-23 by Ellie
As we all know, rice noodle is a kind of noodles made of rice with no doubt, which is popular among customers for its delicious taste and cheap price. Rice noodles are different according to different regions, with the local characteristics. In China, rice noodle has a long history of more than thousands of years. According to the relevant noodles, the rice noodle is invented since Tang Dynasty. With the speeding up of globalization, rice noodles are introduced into countries and regions around the world.
Why rice noodles will be so popular? On the one hand, it belongs to the range of traditional foods, with high nutritious value and rich protein. On the other hand, it is more suitable for customers in summer, and different condiments can be added in order to increase the flavor.
With the development of food machinery, most rice noodles on the market are made by rice noodle making machines, which is more safe and healthy for customers, avoiding the pollution brought by hands. 
rice noodle making machines
In general, different materials can be added into rice noodles according to different requirements’ customers. According to a survey, sesame paste is the most popular condiment to enhance the flavor.
 rice noodle making machine
Sesame paste is made of sesame which is roasted and grinded into flour, and it is used as a kind of condiments for cooking. The relevant statistics shows that sesame paste is one of the most favorable condiments among customers. There are white sesame paste and black sesame paste available for customers.
For the sake of its delicious flour, sesame paste is widely used in our daily life. It can be used as hot pot condiment, but also as noodles condiment, especially for rice noodles.
If you like eating rice noodles, the sesame paste will not be strange for you. Generally speaking, there is no soup for rice noodles, so various condiments are able to be added in order to enhance the taste. With sesame paste, the rice noodles taste better.


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