Do you know the origin of rice noodles?

2016-11-23 by Ellie
Rice noodles are also called cold noodles, and rice noodles are widely eaten in many countries around the world. With the features of smooth and delicious taste, it is popular on the market.
rice noodle making machine
In terms of the origin of rice noodles, once upon a time, there was a girl who was named Wu zetian was selected to be the wife of emperor when she was 14. At that time, no one was allowed to disobey the order from emperor, so he had to leave her lover who grew up with her. They always going around the river, and there was noodles store near the river, so they often ate noodles there. It was not long before they got familiar with the boss of the noodles store, as they ate as they talked about the production of noodles. After that, they were wondering how can they eat a bowl of cold noodle in summer, so they worked together to invent the cold noodles. After repetitive tests, they finally invented the rice noodles which were characterized with soft taste and smooth appearance. It was not long before the rice noodles became popular among consumers, and it got its own reputation with various advantages.
After that, Wu zetian was summoned to go to the palace to get married the emperor. Through remitting efforts for so many years, she became the emperor, but she never forgot the rice noodles. She asked the cook to make rice noodles for her when celebrating her birthday every year.
It is lucky for Chinese people to keep the production method of rice noodles, and it will never be abandoned by consumers. With the trend of globalization deepening, cultural exchanges and communication between countries are also increasing. Based on domestic technology and equipment, advanced working principle is applied into the rice noodle making machine.
Food types is increasing all the time with the development of market, manufactures have to introduce more advanced technology and equipment to meet the market demand and win the completion. Therefore, automatic rice noodles making machine is the best choice for you!


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