The traditional noodles are still popular among consumers

2016-11-04 by Ellie
  With the development of science and technology, the noodle industry has been diversified all the time, so there are more and more types of noodles in the market. Even though traditional noodles have been influenced by various noodles, it still occupies a market share in the noodle industry.
  Traditional noodles originated from China, and it has a history of 4000 years, and it has been accepted and loved by consumers around d the world. In terms of the cooking methods of noodles, it can be boiled, fried, coked, so people can choose their own habits and enjoy the delicious food. 
automatic noodle making machine
  Noodles are usually regarded as staple food, while it is also thought to be fast food in some regions. In China, the person who is celebrating his birthday will eat noodles in that day, which is a tradition in China and has been observed for many years, representing happiness and wishes for the future.
  The innovations of traditional noodles have never stopped, as the production technology and equipment has been improving constantly with the development of food machinery industry in order to enrich the diversifications and tastes of noodles.
  The automatic noodle making machine in GELGOOG Company has been innovated by the researchers, and the latest noodle making machine can achieve the demand of total automation and high work efficiency, so it sells well at home and abroad. 
automatic noodle making machine
  The automatic noodle making machine is characterized with automatic dough pressing, noodle forming and cutting, as well as automatic hanging, and all these machines can be connected to each other perfectly, and it is also suitable for the connectivity of packaging machine, as packaging is a vital part in the production of noodles.
  The working flow of the automatic noodle production line is flour mixing, dough sheet pressing, noodles forming, cutting, automatic hanging, drying, and packing. Every step in the production of noodles is finished by the machine automatically, which will save labor costs for manufacturers.  Another advantage of the automatic noodle making machine is the raw materials of the stainless steel, which reaches the standard of food, clean and healthy, as consumers are paying more and more attention to foods that that eat. If other raw materials of this production line are needed, please contact the GELGOOG Company, machines can be customized according to customer’s requirements. 

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