Do you know what kind of noodles can be stored for a long time?

2016-11-04 by Ellie
  Have you ever heard of the stick noodles before? Generally speaking, with the exchanges and communication of the world increasing, the stick noodle which originated from China has been introduced to many countries around the world. The most obvious feature of the stick noodles is the long preservation time of it.
  The stick noodle is also called dried noodle, because it will be dried with a drying machine after produced, in order to be kept for a long time. The stick noodle has a long history in China, before the establishment of the new China government, and the stick noodle was made by hands mainly. With the mechanical and automatic degree enhancing increasingly, the stick noodle making machine has been universal step by step, and the technology and equipment are introduced to counties in the world.
  With the popularity of the stick noodle, many consumers are willing to buy it when shopping, with the characteristics of delicious taste, convenient cooking, and long preservation time. Do you know what machines are used in the production of stick noodles?
the stick noodle making machine
the stick noodle making machine
  In order to save time and energy for customers, there is a whole stick noodle production line available. The stick noodle production line in the GELGOOG Company adopts vacuum technology and photoelectric control technology, which represents the advanced level of the domestic industry, thus the quality of products and safety of machines can be guaranteed. 
the stick noodle making machine
  In the past, manufacturers used the natural wind to dry stick noodles, with low drying speed and quality, which research and development of the drying equipment solves the difficulty nowadays, which is the main feature of this stick noodle production line.
  To buy a kind of noodles which can be kept for a long time is vital for consumers, as they are so busy with other matters in their daily life, so the prospect of the stick noodle will still be brilliant in the following years. With this automatic stick noodle production line, expanding the market share and making profits are not a problem anymore. 

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