What is most important in the peanut processing progess?

2016-11-01 by admin
There is a saying goes that you can never predict accurately when it will rain, as a result, many manufacturers suffered from this in the past. Mechanization of agriculture is gradually increasing, so is the application of food machinery equipment in the field of intensive processing, and food roasting equipment has become more than a good helper in many production lines. The agricultural product processing industry has been hot for a long time, and the demand of food processing equipment has been further released, roasting is one of the representatives.
Roasting is an important step in the intensive processing of agricultural products. Take peanuts for example, peanuts can be processed into many products, such as dried peanuts, peanut brittle, peanut butter and other products. According to relevant statistics, there are more than 100 countries cultivating peanuts in the world, and it is more common in Asia and Africa.
peanut roasting machine
With the development of society and economy, many different methods of processing peanuts are invented, what’s more, the application of these methods are wide, many countries are willing to adopt them in order to increase the added-value of agricultural products. One of these methods is the intensive processing of peanut butter. However, the first step is to roast peanuts to remove moisture from it.
how to making peanut buter
Peanut butter is widely used in many areas, so the production of it is also common. With a good roasting machine, it is possible for you to produce excellent peanut butter, because water is not allowed to exist in peanuts which are used to make peanut butter. There is a roasting machine in our company for your choice.
peanut roasting machine

The peanut roasting machine is used to roast various nuts, for example, peanut, chestnut, walnut, almond, bean, and other granular materials. There are three types of heating methods, namely, fuel oil type, gas type, and coal type, so customers can choose the right type according to their requirements. This machine adopts principles of rotary drum, heat conduction and heat radiation, and regards the hot air as the drying medium. Peanuts processed by this machine are high quality, healthy and with good taste.
If you are interested in this machine, please contact us, and best services will be provided with you. What’s more, other processing machines are also offered in our company, such as peanut peeling machine, peanut shelling machine, and peanut butter production line is available for you. 

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