Sewage Disposal Technology into a New Stage

2016-12-30 by Lisa
Over the years, discharge a large number of containing protein high concentration water, become a bottleneck question restricting the development of the industry. The "waste water" in these processes is discharged directly, which brings great environmental problems. A few days ago, high value utilization of water extraction protein from potato starch and standard discharge technology and equipment successfully completed. Potato processing in China will enter a new stage.

starch sewage disposal

There are about 10000000 tons of high concentration potato starch processing water is used as wastewater direct discharge in our country every year, heavily environmental pollution lead to eutrophication in relevant regional waters, fishes and shrimps deaths and other pollution incidents.

After years of research, Chinese Academy of Sciences Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics researchers successfully overcome this problem, develop a complete set of technology with economic and environmental benefits. The treated wastewater can be used as liquid fertilizer to irrigate farmland, which can solve the pollution problem of deep processing of potato. Using this technology, can have two out way after extract protein from starch water, one is wastewater becomes variable fertilizer water utilization, two is after special biochemical treatment, discharge. This technology uses the physical method to deal with the potato starch processing water, which is more effective than the existing wastewater treatment technology.

In today's society, potato starch processing industry and is closely related to the economic interests of millions of farmers and poverty,  also affects the healthy development of potato starch industry. 


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