Video of Automatic cereal bar forming machine

2016-07-30 by admin

Automatic cereal bar forming machine

Processing: selection raw materials - air flow puffing - Screening - boil sugar - spices - molding - Packaging
Cereal bar in recent years developed a new type of international food. It is rice, puffed wheat by forming food, because it is crisp taste, visual materials, nutrition and public health step by consumers to accept it. Chinese traditional food people are entering the city home. As the production of this simple structure puffed food, easy to operate, less investment in equipment, quick returns, so the development of very fast, showing great vitality, and thus formed a unique style of a food category. Now present throughout China have emerged a number of more well-known rice-wheat through brands. Mitton Mr Tong, Mihua Tang production equipment also has a continuous transformation, innovation, the development process, from hand to present a simple mechanical automatic molding equipment, from the traditional small cannon to process today's large airflow extruder are advances in technology .

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