Do you know the origin and history of noodles?

2016-07-19 by admin
Noodles is considered the most typical traditional pasta, a extended good status for well-known world. According to historic records, the very first noodles might be monitored back 19 century ago, the Eastern Han Empire. Inside the Eastern Han "Simin on order", the sunday paper that consists of the "oncoming of fall Wu Shi cooked bread and water urinate cake" in the language, according to research "water urinate cake", "steamed cake" is Chinese noodles precedent. Wei, Jin mentioned "soup cake." Referred to as "water in the cake" or "lead water surface" Southern and northern Dynasties. Chinese "Release name ? Explanation diet" that consists of: "Zheng Bing, soup cake, gold cake, cable cake in the genus, using the form and also the it." "Kutani Empire" also provides "Release name of cable cake, Ji Jin cable plane, Northwest states pull (stretch) faces "" a brief vegetarian "within theInch noodles, the standard name of cable cake, a soup cake, cake made its cable-created cake soup also made its food law "approach may be used. hands knead the dough chopsticks thickness, so the flooding, for instance twisted by hand before eating leaves like leek, cooked to the boiling water, similar to lasagna or "Botuo" approach described inside the "Arts for anyoneInch in: hands twisted fingers extended, with flooding, hands twist when the pot is thin, then cooked in boiling water, using this method like Shanxi "rubbing surface" and "yanking sheet."
China are actually the building blocks from the concept of eating noodles, noodles in addition to extended ancients referred to as "grain" and grain, millet cooks are classified as "grain" in the region. Not only for eating noodles trapped abdomen, but the need for folk traditions, for example, familiar with bless baby sturdiness, and finally, china people frequently eat birthday noodles, also known to as sturdiness noodles and so the noodles, because extended, thin noodles (thin means thin, and thin is homonym with existence), it increased to get the custom birthday sturdiness noodles to eat, along with what we referred to as sturdiness noodles noodles or birthday noodles.
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A extended good status for eating noodles clearly, eat numerous types of production, the development of the fishing fishing rod, stretch, cut, cutting, yanking, pressing, rubbing, dial, twist, tick, slip, etc. system of law, additionally to steaming, boiling, fried, fried, fried, braised, stewed, mixed, baked, roasted, etc. modulation, and developed in to a style noodles across the country, for instance Beijing sauced noodles, Shanghai's yangchunmian, the Iraqi government faces in Shandong, Shanxi noodle, S¨¤o Shaanxi, Sichuan dan dan noodles, Hubei dry noodles, Eight surface Fujian, Guangdong shrimp Rong face, face Taishi Guizhou, Gansu, beef noodle soup, S¨¤o Qishan, Mihara pimple face, Hancheng the sword side, Xi'an chopsticks mind, face, eco-friendly green spinach noodles, etc., you'll find as fine as silk thread noodles, also provides wide belt, for instance noodles, numerous forms.
Furthermore for the above name noodles urinate surface water, prepare the dessert, bread soup, water, lead, Botuo, there is a most widely used cold Tang Empire Amoy, Amoy temperature, etc. These game game titles are modern noodles or steamed noodles. In "Don want. Thinking about the Temple "includes aInch winter palace to create 'soup cake' inside the summer time time for you to complete 'cold Amoy' ", that's, following a cold noodles cooked at first glance to eat, and northerners," in water "the identical the Song Empire, the noodles in to a new stage of development, already includes aInch noodle, "the noun, a extended out shape, designs plus much more, for instance plain, fried noodles, chicken noodles, Mike Sun face, silver cold Amoy, side dish twenty Yuan Empire "dry (hang) noodle" emerge inside the "drink meal" includes "spring disk", "yam noodles", "sheep face", "show bald Pock" like species. Ming and Qing Dynasties have further development, for instance Beijing's "noodles" Yangzhou "crony side," Fujian "Bazhen face" and so on.
Little tips:Noodles now's nearly the planet people like food, noodles just how will it? This is often a little secret, I am in a position to only inform you of that.

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