How Does Automatic Noodles Machine Works?

2019-07-15 by admin
What is Automatic Noodles Machine Working Principle?
Put flour through the roller relative rotation of extruded sheet, and then cutting across the front nose section sheet is cut into strips to form noodles. Noodles shape is depend on the specifications of section knives, noodles maker can be installed with different section knife that can make a variety of noodles.
Automatic Noodles Machine
This automatic noodles machine is a new equipment used to make large capacity fresh noodles, with high yield, high efficiency, time-saving, easy operation. Produced noodles with good toughness production of noodles, taste good.
Features of Commercial Noodle Machine as follows: 
1. After the roll surface grinder grinding, smooth and beautiful, rolling out of the noodle is clean and uniform.
2. Noodle machine design is reasonable, the use of in-line type, gear and sprocket drive, low noise compact, user-friendly design, work and effort. 
3. Easy operation, safety and health, transmission smooth, accurate and efficient power transmission, there is a small sound noise.
4. Superior performance, it can be equipped with a small drying equipment, it is ideal for medium-sized noodle production enterprises.

How Does Automatic Noodles Machine Works? Show a video of how to make noodles.


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