510KG Fresh Noodle Ramen Making Machine with 201 Stainless Steel

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Description of Fresh Noodle Machine
This stainless steel noodle machine is a commercial pasta machinery that can produce 140-160 kg of fresh noodles per hour. Equipped with different knives that can make different sizes of noodles.

Production Principle: The flour is rotated by the relative rotation of the flour roller to form a dough sheet, and then cut into strips by a front cutter to form fresh noodles. The noodles of different specifications can be replaced to form noodles of various specifications.

Here is the Ramen Noodle Making Machine Working Video

Advantages of Stainless Steel Fresh Noodle Making Machine
1. The dough can be continuously processed from the entrance to the noodle forming, which has the characteristics of high output, high efficiency and simple operation.
2.  The ramen noodle making machine uses lined pressure rollers, chain drive, low noise during work, compact layout, humanized design, saving time and effort.
3. Fresh noodle machine can be used to produce a variety of noodle pasta, and its thickness and other specifications can be adjusted arbitrarily, which has strong moldability.
4. The pressed noodle sheets are smooth and flat, the thickness is average, and stainless steel noodle machine produce the fresh noodles have good toughness, and they taste good.
Stainless Steel Fresh Ramen Noodle Making Machine
1. The automatic fresh noodle machine should be placed on a flat floor to ensure that the machine can be stably fixed.
2. Want to make noodles of different sizes, you can change the cutter of ramen noodle maker machine.
3. After using the noodles machine, clean the residues in time to keep the machine clean.

Technical Data
Model GG-5-250
Width of Dough Sheet 250mm
Size of King Roller 100*250mm
Capacity 140-160kg/h
Power 3kw
Weight 510kg
Dimension 1700*680*1370mm


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