What will bring intelligent food machinery industry?

2016-09-20 by admin
  In recent years, the global rise in intelligent manufacturing as the representative of a new round of industrial revolution, digital, networked, intelligent increasingly become the main trend of the future development of manufacturing industry. The world's major industrial countries to step up the rules and layout, have launched a new national strategy to revitalize manufacturing, support and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing. Such as the "German Industry 4.0" "Made in China 2025" The emergence of these concepts make intelligent manufacturing has become a hot word contemporary society. Of course, as a branch of the manufacturing sector in recent years, the development of the food equipment industry has continued toward the intelligent direction.
Why emphasize Intelligent Manufacturing
    While intelligent manufacturing become a social hot spot, we can not help but send this question: Why do we emphasize the concept again and again? This is also the recent years, equipment manufacturing industry presented the most problems.
    For a long time, China's manufacturing industry is mainly concentrated in the low-end segment, low value-added industries. The development of intelligent manufacturing industry has become an important way to achieve our manufacturing to high-end manufacturing transition from low-end manufacturing. Meanwhile, intelligent manufacturing and rapid application of this emerging technology to promote, through large-scale production, as soon as possible to recover the investment in technology research and development, in order to continue to promote a new round of technological innovation, promote the progress of intelligent manufacturing technology to achieve manufacturing upgrade.
    At present, China's manufacturing industry is facing from both developed and developing countries to revitalize the manufacturing sector accelerated to lower production costs to undertake international industrial transfer "two-way squeeze." China must accelerate the intelligent manufacturing technology research and development, increase its level of industrialization, to address the traditional cost advantage weaken challenges. Although our intelligent manufacturing technology has made great progress, but still low level of industrialization, high-end smart manufacturing equipment and core components remain heavily dependent on imports, but also accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing of intelligent manufacturing technology industry objective needs. In addition, the development of intelligent manufacturing can be applied to more energy saving advanced equipment and intelligent optimization technology to help solve the problem of energy saving manufacturing process fundamentally.
    Second, with the advent of the era of information explosion, more and more information is now readily available, but why we feel more confused and ignorant? This is a problem of information retrieval and knowledge discovery, profound meaning behind it: the information is based on intelligence information is the advanced stage of development.
    Food machinery industry should be unswervingly take the road of development of intelligent
    Throughout the world market, increase scientific and technological innovation, promote manufacturing intelligent production and customization of transformation, it has become the mainstream of manufacturing industry, in this context, in addition to our own needs economic restructuring, domestic manufacturing to the development of intelligent horizon, China's food machinery development must rely on the transformation and upgrading, take the intelligent development.
    In identifying a country's machinery industry is strong, people care more about several aspects of performance. For example, if mastered the core technology with independent intellectual property rights; whether major equipment with a strong technical capacity; whether a higher share of high-end equipment, whether it is mainstream varieties of quality technical equipment is a world leader. It seems that there is still a serious food machinery industry development.
    In recent years, the expansion of China's food machinery and food industry relies on the rapid development and become one of the most promising areas of the machinery industry. But in the face of strong foreign competition in the market pressure, the development of food machinery appears to the gas shortage. Faced with automation and intelligence is not high degree of industry difficulties, if still remaining in the current level of development, do not think of innovative research and development, is still using the current scale of development and development, then survival and development of space food machinery industry increasingly inevitable smaller.
    Foreign food machinery industry rely on science and technology, digital, intelligent as the key to seize the commanding heights of international competition, enhance the competitiveness of key economic development and seek future development initiative. The overall technological level of China's food machinery industry is not high, medium and low-end business gathering, industry overcapacity serious, in stark contrast with the foreign.
    Intelligent food machinery industry symbolizes the breadth and depth of its applications, the current food machinery is only in the initial stages of a low level of intelligence, the development of the domestic food industry continues to exhibit intelligent higher requirements, This means that we need to have the ability to bind the specific application needs great efforts to develop intelligent advanced food processing technology.
    All in all, intelligent manufacturing machinery in the food industry in good shape, it also brings enlightenment to the food machinery industry: intelligent manufacturing has become an important direction of China's food machinery manufacturing industry is in transition, in order to stay competitive, companies must use advanced technology to enhance their strength.

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