which machines need in the production of cube sugar?

2016-12-05 by Tina
Sugar also said half of sugar, it is with fine grained refined sugar as raw material of compressed into half a square block (that is, half of the cube) of high sugar products, in foreign countries for many years of history. It's consumption will increase as people living standard rise rapidly.
Which machine need in the production of cube sugar?
1, sugar grinding machine:
 This sugar grinding machine use of activity of tooth plate and fixed gear disks that are high speed, the relative movement between the material is crushed by cutting tooth impact, and comprehensive function such as friction and collision among the materials themselves to achieve the goal of crushing material. This machine is of simple structure, stable running, low noise, good crushing effect. Shredded material directly from the crushing chamber. Screen mesh size, by choosing different aperture to achieve.
1, crushing capacity, low energy consumption, product fineness of relatively less.
2, crush space is large, turbine operating at high wind pressure, can not only improve the production capacity, reduce the crushing phenomenon, and can effectively avoid the materials produced in the process of crushing the deposition and blocking phenomenon of screen mesh.
3, due to strengthen the shear, so for fibrous material crushing capacity is higher than general equipment.
4, the installation of the screen is convenient, reliable positioning, adopt plug-in. With high relative to the ring screen form a lot of life.
5, the host USES the water cooling, the whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP production requirements.
2, Sugar cube making machine:
This sugar cube making machine is a kind of automatic feed, continuous forming technology, continuous briquetting sugar molding equipment, which is mainly used for pressure square shape, and other various shapes. 18 can be made up by 18 * 12 mm and 20 * 20 x 15 mm and a variety of specifications. This equipment is used in water or water powder or particles, such as sugar (sugar, brown sugar (brown sugar to control a certain water), red sugar) and chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sugar, etc.
 cube sugar machine


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