Several eating methods for stick noodles

2016-11-16 by Ellie
  As a traditional staple food in the catering industry, stick noodle has occupied large proportion of market share compared with others, and noodles are produced by stick noodle processing line for better meeting the demand. Many people like eating stick noodles, but most of them do not know how to cook delicious noodles, so there are several cooking methods for reference.
1.       Meat strip noodles. When cooking meat strip noodles, you can fry the meat strip first and then add some condiments in order to enhance the taste. It is a good choice to add some pepper sauce when eating meat strip noodles.
 stick noodle processing line
1.       Tomato and egg noodles. Frying tomatoes and eggs in the frying pan, and then put it in front of noodles, so a delicacy is finished on your own, and it is a easy cooking method, which has been popular among consumers for a long time.
stick noodle processing line
1.       The sauce noodle. If you are busy with your work, you can buy all kinds of sauces in the supermarket, and then put it in your noodles, which is a good way to save time and energy for you.
 stick noodle processing line
However, there is a question, how can you cook these delicious noodles without noodles, just as the saying goes that even a clever housewife can’t cook a meal without rice. According to the relevant statistics, most consumers will buy stick noodles from the supermarket stored in their homes. As a result, why don’t the stick noodle manufactures grasp the business opportunity to produce stick noodles with their own machines? All right, a stick noodle processing lime is available for all enterprises who are determined to be engaged in the production of stick noodles.

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