Who invented the chopsticks?

2017-01-12 by Tina
Chopsticks for the Chinese familiar, but the chopsticks culture is ignored for a long time in the modern life. In order to awaken people to the attention of the chopsticks culture, Shanghai chopsticks culture promotion association plans in 2015 to chopsticks customs application for non-material cultural heritage protection in Shanghai.
"Chopsticks was invented by the Chinese a unique dining tools, but the influence of chopsticks culture in the modern society the waning of problems to be studied, protect and carry forward." xujianguo, chairman of Shanghai chopsticks culture promotion association said, "and our country in contrast, Japan to attach great importance to protect the chopsticks culture, set each year on August 4, for" chopsticks day ", South Korea has also been claimed that chopsticks are the invention of their ancestors."

Documented in China use chopsticks has more than 3000 years history. Three meals a day chopsticks hand, chopsticks is Chinese culture, the most basic life and formed a set of etiquette and custom.

Shanghai chopsticks culture has a long history. As early as the tang dynasty, Shanghai City God Temple area is famous production of chopsticks. After the opening, our country the first chopsticks production line was born in Shanghai, supply zhongnanhai, the Diaoyu Islands guesthouse, chopsticks have been made in Shanghai, and as a country gift to foreign friends.

Small chopsticks a chain of the heritage of Chinese civilization. Reevaluation of chopsticks custom culture value to carry forward the traditional culture in our country, the construction of socialist spiritual civilization is very meaningful.


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