Why is There So Much Air in Potato Chips Packages?

2016-11-16 by Leo
  A lot of people love to eat potato chips.We know that potato chips are made of potatoes,processed by potato chips production line and packed by packing machines.But most people don’t know the reason that why is there so much air existing in the packages.I believe that many people have such experience:after going into the market,choosing potato chips with favorite taste and opening the bulging package,with the inside air drifting away,leaving several pieces of potato chips and some disintegrating slags,don’t you get angry?It makes us feel like we have been tricked by the producers who don’t have conscience.  
  And presently,the wasted space has become a research direction for a artist Henry Hargreaves.He expressed that he constantly spent several years to buy potato chips.And he got disappointed at the behavior of costing money on disappointment.The pictures on food packages are only for consumers to imagine.
  So he put a bag of potato chips in water and use the drainage method to accumulate the volume of the whole package.And use the air-free sealing method to measure the volume of another package.Then compare these two packages to find out the differences.
  As a matter of fact,the packages are not filled with normal air,but nitrogen.Because the oxygen in air will make potatoes chips get soft.While using nitrogen can prolong the storage period of potato chips.And a research result showed that nitrogen will make potato chips more delicious.
  One thing we need to mention is that this is not the first time of consumers to think that potato chips producers give not enough foods.In 2012,the England potato chips manufacturer “Walkers” advertised one of their products.Some consumers brought their potato chips and found that there were only five pieces of potato chips in the big package.But the enterprise declared that adding air in packages is a necessary measure for producing and transportation.
  Now I understand that adding proper amount of nitrogen in packages is a beneficial and effective measure.Therefore,consumers should better know these points.


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