Why you should drink coffee?

2016-12-22 by Tina
1. Coffee can eliminate fatigue. To eliminate fatigue, must complement nourishment, rest and sleep, promote metabolism, and coffee has these functions.
2. Three cups of coffee a day can prevent gallstones. For caffeinated coffee can boost the gallbladder contraction, and reduce easy formation of gallstones in bravery cholesterol, the latest Harvard University researchers found that men, two to three cups of coffee a day had a 40% probability is lower than.
3. Often drink coffee can prevent radiation damage. Radiation damage especially electrical radiation has become a more prominent a kind of pollution. India has the atomic researchers get this conclusion in mice, and that can be applied to humans.
4. Coffee influence on mood. Experimental results show that the average person to absorb 300 mg a day (about 3 cups of brewed coffee) of caffeine, to a person's alert and mood will bring good effect.
5.Although after a coffee beans in the nutrients lost a part of, but still in coffee rich riboflavin, vitamin B5, manganese, potassium, magnesium and nutrients such as vitamin B3.

A lot of people know that coffee is bitter, when people drink coffee, they like can add cube sugar,especially in the coffee shop.
cube sugar is made from fine grain refined sugar as raw material of compressed into half a square block (that is, half of the cube) of high sugar products, in foreign countries for many years of history. It's consumption will increase as people living standard rise rapidly.

The cube sugar processing line including sugar grinding machine, mixed spiral feeding machine, sugar making machine, tablet linkage conveyor, drying tunnel, cooling machine and semi-automatic sugar carton packing machine. all the machine is made of high quality stainless steel, conforms to food standards and long service life. Sugar in enjoyed by people all over the world and sugar making equipment is more and more popular in different countries.

sugar processing line


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