Chestnut frying machine business advantage is obvious

2016-12-19 by Tina
Sugar Fried chestnut, is selected high-quality chestnut, put in the pot stirring with coarse sand and syrup, chestnuts sweet and delicious, nutritious and have the laudatory title of "the king of nuts, is a fall and winter season flavor food. Sugar Fried chestnut, roasted chestnuts machine how far behind. chestnut frying machine sells on the market generally can complete other nuts, of making a lot of people choose entrepreneurship.

Chinese chestnut frying machine has important position in the minds of those entrepreneurs, also plays the role of a seems to be the savior, but every industry has the characteristics of each industry, suitable for people to have different. Nuts like a machine of this industry, consumer groups are generally between 15-45, for many women, and because the chestnuts belongs to the leisure food, so the taste is in the first place.

This chestnut frying machine from GELGOOG has single head and double heads two types, electric heating. It is rotary stirring stainless steel bowl frying machine, which can be used to roast chestnut, peanut, walnut, pine nuts, almond, hazelnuts, seeds, beans, sesame etc nuts or seeds. it applies to major shopping malls, supermarkets, food stores, chain stores, residential areas, streets and other densely populated area. machine volume is 20L/tank, for double heads machine, its volume is 40L totally. machine has small investment, it is ideal choice for laid-off workers, personal business. frying machine effect is good, can fry products and sale them directly. This machine usage changes the past artificial frying pollution, labor-intensive, low efficiency, etc. This machine has constant temperature device, with lighting function, smoke evacuation and energy-saving design. And use 220V, infrared heating lamp, enhance the chestnuts display effect and temperature control function. when using machine, start machine and set up frying time and temperature, machine will roast products well. 

chestnut frying machine


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