Customer from Mexico had signed a purchase contract for continuous automatic frying machine

2016-08-05 by admin
Customers from Mexico and the Division I signed a purchase contract for Continuous Automatic Snack Deep Frying Machine.

continuous automatic deep frying machine

At first customer visit our website to find the continuity of the fryer and other machine parameters and introduce the relevant information, then immediately and directly with our customer service made contact through the website of online messages, status quo and expressed their own factories, production, etc. for more information on demand. Currently customers factory fryer has spent more than three years, and production has been unable to meet current business needs, and customers of the original this fryer requires two workers to view and operate every day, labor costs are relatively high. But our machine is full automatic.By more detailed information on the company's business customers to send, the customer expressed the eagerness to want to know the machine.
Last month, customers come to our factory inspection visit carried out, and the views of our engineers were given consideration, and finally through multi-comparison, our customers determine purchasing this machine.
Tips: This kind of continuous automatic snack frying machine is mainly used to fry food, like potato chips, French fries, peanut, meat burger, chicken nuggets, etc.. Electric and gas, two types frying machine for your selection. Can realize continuous working, with high working speed. It is automatic feeding and dischargeing.

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