Our customer from Egypt ordered the French fries production line

2016-08-17 by admin
customer visit
   The customer has his own factories in his home from Egypt named Mr Ahmed, and he also has its own offices in Guangzhou, since we got the demands of this customer,our sale manager made a solution accordding to this customized French fries production line, After send it to customers,he said: "you give me satisfaction solution customized, and also very hard to do this, I want to look around the factory." After getting feedback from customer, our sale manager arrange the trip for Mr Ahmed, yesterday afternoon, He have successfully flew to our factory, visited followed by the sales manager,and also got to our company headquarters for the commercial negotiations, By the time Mr Ahmed expressed our solutions and machines satisfaction once again, then signed a purchase contract with us.

customer visit

    This potato chips processing line is mainly used to produce frozen potato chips, which is automatic from feeding material to finished potato chips.
And the whole processing line contains the following machines: Pre-Washing Peeling Machine,Sorting Conveyor,Potato Chips Cutting Machine,Impurity Removing Machine,Rinsing Machine,Blanching Machine,Vibrating De-watering Machine,Air De-watering Machine,Frying machine.
    Work Video:

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