Fries frying machine has been shipped to the customer to Iran

2016-06-13 by admin
Our company’s French fries processing machine was delivered to Iran.There has something we should pay attention to the continus frying machine.

Frozen French Fries Processing Line
Using electric heating box heating cycle loop filter, independent heating mode, customized according to customer requirements, pure oil portrait and landscape scratch slag structure, diacetate belt + Teflon non-stick with networking.
Pot body parts:
1, the pot body made 4mm thick stainless steel plate, the plate thickness of 5 mm Material 304
2, pot frame using 60 * 40 * 3 mm stainless steel rectangular tube
Aluminum silicate insulation using 360 mm thick insulation, hot foil packaging
4, pot use of outer package 1.2 mm thick stainless steel plate 304
5, pot drain valve and install loop filter pipe and sucker
6, pot body design, blowing slag slag mouth
Continuous Automatic Snack Deep Frying Machine

Install fryer should note the following:
1, when the mounting bolts must be adjusted to ensure a smooth machine. Distribution box should be installed according to the instructions.
2, add the right amount of oil.
3, connect the power cord firmly, the power cord of the need for more than 25m square meters (200) of the rated current. Upstream must include power leakage protection device (leakage protection switch to 250).
4, commissioning of new equipment, it must be someone at the job site, abnormal should immediately power outages, maintenance equipment.

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