Rice noodle production line is ready for shipped to Maylaysia

2016-06-22 by admin
The main structure of the rice noodle production line:
1, the spindle is made of special steel, through strict heat treatment processing to significantly longer life.
2, the spindle bold, expansion and motor power, greatly improving the yield.
3, Exit increase aluminum disk, eliminating worries or body splash hot water on the ground when in use.
delicious rice noodle
4, delete the original plain bearings, bearing special structure, although the increase in the cost and improve the performance of the device, eliminating noise and extend the life of Liangpi machine.
5, the heating element using the latest international materials and stainless steel, may be common not bad and fast heating, winter to solve the difficult problem, do rice.
6, dashboards and table installed in the same position, all parameters marked intuitive, easy to operate
7, two-way electromagnetic IC integrated circuits and mercury temperature control system to ensure that the boiler pressure instability, can achieve precise temperature control, precise temperature control to 0.1 ℃ to 0.5 ℃, effective protection steamer temperature constant temperature constant.
rice noodle production machine

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