Germany Customer has been ordered the Potato Chips Deoiling Machine

2016-10-11 by admin
deoiling machine

Machine:Continuous frying machine ,Deoiling machine and conveyor
Import Country:Germany

The customer from Germany want to import a continuous fryer an deoiling machine.they send an inquiry to the sales manager,told that they want to the deoiling the potato chips,the sales send quatation back to customer with the requirement by email.The engineer make a blueprint for the plant according the customers’ working shop.They were satified with the drawing,and then decided to bought these machines.

With the development of food machinery industry, more and more businessmen devote themselves to the food processing industry, introducing advanced technology and equipment to improve work efficiency and production yields. Therefore, as a food processing enterprise, how to choose a right machine plays an important role in the processing of improving production capacity and making profits.

deoiling machine

For example, if you are an enterprise focusing on frying food and products, it is necessary for you to choose a washing and cleaning machine, drying machine, frying machine, the last but not least, the Automatic Fried Food Deoiling Machine is a nice choice for you definitely, which will help you to save production cost and make profits.

The Automatic Fried Food Deoiling Machine that our company sells well all over the world, and many customers have given a positive feedback to our company. If you are interested in this machine or other machines related to the production line, please contact us any time, and we are happy to serve you at any time.


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