The visit of our customer from Cote d'Ivoire

2016-10-11 by admin
customer visit for wooden toothpick processing line

Equipment:Wooden toothpick processing machine
Contain Machine: Wood lamination machine, wood filament machine, wood filament set-size machine, Toothpick set-size machine, Toothpick polisher, Toothpick ordering machine, Toothpick sharpener, Multipurpose sharpener
Import:Cote d’lvoire
wooden toothpick production line 

The customers from Cote d'Ivoire comes to the company today, General Manager met him, in the chat process, the customer revealed that has done a very detailed comparison, and made to the factory site inspection requirements of the wooden toothpick processing machine, the two sides on some basic issues of communication, the customer to us of the plant to further visit this entire wooden toothpick production line, and on our engineers agree with the explanation. Engineers on the customer's factory after a brief understanding, then simply give a blueprint for the production line in the factory, the customer is satisfied with the table.
Then in the office, they signed a procurement contract with the company.

wooden toothpick processing line

Expect for the wooden toothpick processing machine, our company has a set of production line related to this machine, if you are going to purchase a wooden toothpick processing machine, please contact us immediately, and we are ready to serve you at any time.


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