How to Make Prawn Crackers with a Commercial Machine?

2020-06-18 by Lisa
How to make prawn crackers? Here I will introduce the prawn crackers machine produced by our factory, which is suitable for commercial use, and can mainly produce shrimp chips of different sizes.
Commercial Prawn Crackers Machine in Factory

Characteristics of Commercial Prawn Crackers Machine
1. Thickness of the prawn crackers food is changeable, depend on cutting speed.
2. Shape and sizes of the prawn chips can be customized in round, square, rectangular, oval or other shapes.
3. Can automatically produce shrimp chips, prawn cracker, etc. from corn starch, tapioca starch, shrim oil/powder, prawn oil/powder, fresh shrimp/prawn etc. 
4. Whole series of prawn crackers machine including 3 models, each model produce crackers in different capacity, price is also different. 

Using the commercial machine to make the prawn crackers food is easy and fast, if you want to know the machine price and details, please contact with us.
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