Supply Spring Roll Wrappers Making Machine in Thailand

2020-06-18 by Lisa
One set spring roll wrappers making machine has been shipped to Thailand. The machine is mainly used to help customers increase production capacity and reduce labor costs. 
Spring Roll Wrapper Making Machine to Thailand
This commercial spring roll skin machine has a wide range of uses. It can make spring roll wrappers, lumpia wrappers, curry horn skin, egg skin, and french crepes with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.8 mm. The specific size of food can be customized by customers' demands. 

How Does Spring Roll Wrappers Making Machine Works?
1. Put the mixed flour into the flour bucket, and wait for the baking wheel to heat up to about 150-160 ° C (temperature control meter shows the temperature)
2. Start the dough pump to deliver the dough to the nozzle and operate the clutch lever.
3. The batter adheres to the arc surface of the baking wheel and rotates with the baking wheel.
4. When rotated to an angle of 270-300 degrees, the noodles will mature and automatically separate from the baking wheel to form a spring roll with a fixed thickness.
5. After cutting into cubes by the cutting machine, you can fold them for sale, or immediately roll the spring rolls.

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