Automatic Sesame Seed Peeling Machine Shipped to Poland

2018-05-15 by Lisa
The sesame seed peeling machine made by our company is shipped to Poland. The machine is specially designed to separate sesame and sesame seeds. Our Poland guest has a farm and grows sesame and other materials. He needs 500-700 kilograms of sesame seeds per hour. According to the relevant information provided by our customers, we recommend this kind of sesame peeling machine for customers. The output is large, and the output can be processed to 4-5 tons per day.
sesame seed peeling machine
This type of sesame peeling machine is mainly composed of a speed reducer, a tank body, a compound stirrer, a separator, a heater, a positioning device, and various inlet and outlet pipes and the like, and is peeled using a sesame friction principle. It is a vertical structure, the internal space can be fully utilized, small size, simple structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, low maintenance rate. The machine uses a hybrid stirrer, which produces axial shunts. Radial diversion and circulation diversion, the material turning fully, there is no dead angle. The use of a composite agitator shortens the time required for sesame in infiltration, peeling and separation, increases production efficiency, and improves product quality. The peeling rate of sesame peeling machine is high, sesame kernels are complete, white and bright, no odor, good taste, praised by users at home and abroad.

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