Commercial Noodles Making Machine in Delhi

2018-05-26 by Tina
The customer from Delhi purchase a noodle making machine from Gelgoog Machinery,  and send the high praise about the noodle machine. Noodles making machine in delhi is very hot for sale, here we already have a lot of noodle customers coming from here. Noodles are a staple food that they like, and they produce noodles also supplied to other areas. The customer has own factory in Delhi, the customer know the Gelgoog Machinery from his friend, who bought a noodle making machine from the company before.
noodle making machine in delhi
Noodle making machine is full gear transmission, full bearing, small size, compact structure, a molding, automatic section, automatic conveying, automatic upper pole, automatic folding. The Automatic noodle machine adopts many sets of roller continuous rolling method, mixing the flour into the bucket, the head adopts the principle of two in one, the two groups of rollers are crushed separately before and after the two slices, automatically transported to the following a group of rollers in the middle of the formation of overlapping compaction, and then once through the fuselage of each roll, the face of the compaction of the surface piece calendering, finally through the face knife cut noodles, automatic section, fresh surface automatic transmission, dry noodle automatic upper pole.

Here we share a few suggestions for installation:
1. The machine must be installed on the ground with flat hardening, and the grounding wire is marked by ground.
2. Before starting the reducer must refuel, running-in period after the replacement of lubricating oil.
3. Check the solid parts in the transport of the loose.
4. When the power supply is turned, click on the start switch, if the machine reversal, replacement of the cutter gate thread.
5. Check all parts of the oil hole is smooth, with suitable lubricants mainly.
6. Carefully understand the clutter in the fabric.


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