The customer from South Korea has placed an order on rice noodle making machine

2016-10-26 by admin
In order to make sure the machine that customers buy from our company is of high quality, one of our customers from South Korea visits our company in person, after talking with our general manager and colleagues, he determines to purchase the machine that he wants immediately, because our high quality machines and enthusiastic services make him feel at home, and he is impressed by the principle of our company.
customer visit
rice noodle making machine
As you can see the picture, it is the rice noodle which is popular in many countries. The raw material of the rice noodle is rice, and the rice noodles are famous for delicious tastes and dedicate textures, and it is very convenient for people to eat in a short time, but you will not feel hungry very quickly, especially for the working class.
Our customer from South Korea wants to be a businessman engaged in the production of rice noodles, and he sees the machine from our website, so he come to our company in person to ensure the machine and our company are worthy trusting. Through repetitive observation and sincerely consultation, he decides to purchase the rice noodle making machine from us, and requires that we can deliver the goods to him as quick as possible. In a response to our customer, we guarantee that we are ready to make preparations for the delivery.
rice noodle making machine
The high efficiency rice noodle making machine is mainly used for filling the grinding rice milk into the machine, through steaming, cutting, and then cooling into rice noodle, and it can achieve one-stop production, so you do not need any other machine to reprocess it. There is one thing you need to pay attention that you are supposed to wash the rice before soaking, in order to extend the shelf-life of the machine. The rice noodle made by this machine is soft and delicious, so if you want to start your business in this point, you can purchase this machine to make profits for you.

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