The almond roasting machine has been ready for imported by Uzbekistan customer

2016-10-25 by admin
One of customer from Uzbekistan come to our company today, and he tells us that he want to purchase a almond roasting machine equipped in his plant.
Our customer is from Uzbekistan, and he is dedicated in the processing work of almond, such as almond powder, dried almond, and other products related to almonds. During the time he spending with our colleagues, they talk about not only machines from our company, but also the industry situation and some common topics, and they all have a good time in our company.
customer visit
After communicating with our colleagues, they tell us that they want to purchase a almond roasting machine as they are engaged in the production of almond products. Through repetitive comparison and observation, they decide to choose us as their cooperative partner, and they have placed an order on our almond roasting machine finally, of course, we will deliver their goods to their destination as quickly as we could in accordance with their requirements.
roasted almond
We know that almond is a kind of snacks popular among both children and the elderly, because it has several functions that help people to keep their body healthy. However, the fresh almond can’t stored for a long time for the water content in it, so many manufacturers use the roasting machine to dry it and process it into other products with high add-value in order to make full use of resources and make profits from the production of almond products. In order to meet the needs of our customers, our company has researched a almond roasting machine as follows.
almond roasting machine
If you have the demand like our customer from Uzbekistan, please contact us and we are ready to provide detailed information including the quotation, specification and delivery.

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