The potato chips processing production line is ordered by our customer from Africa

2016-10-24 by admin
As we all know, various kind of potato chips is popular among customers for a long time, so there are more and more businessmen to be engaged to the potato chips production industry.
finger chips
One of our customers from Africa has placed an order on our potato chips production line, after repetitive comparison and observation, so he determines to purchase a whole set of production line from our company, because it is unnecessary for him to choose among thousands of machines, which can help him to save time and money.
If there is a demand, there will be a market. However, as one of the favorable puffed snacks by consumers, the potato chips are popular in the leisure food market for a long time, and we can estimate that the prospect of it will still be brilliant in the following years. As a result, if you are going to start your business in the production of potato chips, you are going to make profits from it definitely.
finger chips production machine
This is the potato chips production line of our company, and the processes of potato chips production include: raw material mixing, dough rolling, dough molding, air drying, frying, excess oil removing, air drying de-oiling, and flavoring.
finger chips production line
As for this machine, the size and shape of potato chips can be designed according to the mould on the forming machine. if our customers need different shapes and sizes, we can customize it in accordance with the requirement. All the machines in this production line are made of the 304 stainless steel, with excellent performance and healthy standards. If you are interested in this potato chips production line, please contact us, and we will recommend the right machines for you according to your production capacity and the size of your plant, so please let us know with no hesitation, and we will provide services with you at any time when it is convenient for you.

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