Electric & Gas Crispy Bacon Fryer Machine 100KG/Hour

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Description of Crispy Bacon Fryer Machine
The electric bacon fryer machine consists of frying pot, electric control box, motor and reducer, vent valve, stir system, feeding hopper. It is easy to operate and is used for frying various foods, such as meat, chin chin dough, donut, twist, dumplings, turkey bacon and so on.

Electric Bacon Fryer Machine for Testing Video

Application of Crispy Bacon Frying Machine

The electric bacon fryer is specially used for frying foods such as dough, nuts, meat, etc. Suitable for chin chin, doughnut, corn flakes, chicken wings, turkey bacon, peanut, broad bean, gree peas, walnut, etc. The frying effect is good, saving oil, energy and time.

Characteristics of Bacon Fryer Machine
1. The fryer has different heating methods, mainly electric heating and gas heating, electric heating has heating tubes, and the other is equipped with a gas burner, which is energy saving and durable. Automatic ignition and automatic flameout, keeping the temperature uniformly controlled.
2. The frying frame is made of high-quality stamped stainless steel, which can automatically discharge materials and effectively separate materials from oil. The exit is wide and the material can be completely discharged.
Crispy Bacon Frying Machine Electric
3. This automatic electric bacon fryer has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, long life and easy operation. It is sold all over the world and has received good feedback from customers.
4. Frying machine is a new type of energy-saving food frying processing equipment developed by combining foreign advanced technology. 
5. The crispy bacon fryer machine has a large production capacity, capable of producing 100-150 kg per hour, there are different models, and other needs of customers can also be met.

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Technical Data
Model GGZYD1200
Heating Type Electric
Power 48 kw
Mixing Power 0.37kw
Discharging Power 0.75kw
Capacity 100-150 kg/h
Dimension 1700*1500*1700mm
Voltage 380 v
Frying Pot Size φ1000*400mm
Weight 500 kg


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