Commercial Banh Phong Tom Making Machine For Sale Indonesia

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The Banh Phong Tom Making Machine can be used to process large-volume and high-quality shrimp chips, and the thickness of the snack can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the feeder. Fast speed, thin slice thickness, slow speed, thick slice thickness.
Banh Phong Tom Production Process
The equipment is an automatic food machinery developed by the company according to market demand. Its operation performance, product quality and process taste have reached the level of the same industry. Already sold to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Characteristics of Banh Phong Tom Making Machine For Sale
1. The whole line is composed of powder mixer, host machine, forming machine, conveyor, slicer, dryer, fryer and so on.
2. Stable performance, multi-use in one machine, no smoke and dust emission during production, environmental protection, no pollution, safety and hygiene.
Shrimp Chips Making Machine in Indonesia
3. Efficient work, can produce 100-300 kg of shrimp slices per hour, solving the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive manual production.
4. Electronic automatic temperature control system, easy to operate, the formed shrimp slices are bright in color.
5. The section cutter is a pneumatic cutter, which needs to be equipped with a 3kw air compressor.

Working Video of Banh Phong Tom Making Machine in Indonesia

Process Flow: After the shrimp powder, starch and water are evenly mixed at a certain ratio, they are poured into the hopper of the banh phong tom making machine. The motor drives the spiral auger to advance the powder slurry entering the machine and pass the hot water in the steam box. Cook the slurry. It is shaped into a smooth and elastic cylindrical or oval shrimp stick by the mold. After cooling, it is cut into thin slices with a slicer, dried or dried to be the finished product, and can be eaten after frying.
Technical Data
Capacity 125kg-150kg/h
Extruder power 18.5kw
Feeder power 3.7kw
From machine power 4kw
Cutting machine power 2.2kw
Cooking machine speed 600 r/min
Outlet machine speed 103 r/min


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