Automatic Efficient Chin Chin Making Machine Supplier

  • Output:100 KG/H
  • Voltage: 380 V
  • Power:
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union
As a supplier of chin chin making machine, we produced machines with high efficiency, high quality and high output. It is easy to operate and is a professional equipment for chin chin production.
Chin Chin Making Machine
Production Process of Nigeria Chin Chin: Dough Mixing---Pressing---Cutting(different size and shape of chin chin can be changed by replacing the cutter)---frying---deoiling---seasoning---packaging.

Vacuum Dough Mixer: According to the process requirements to set the mixing time, the sealing performance is good, and the processed dough is uniform and elastic.
Chin Chin Cutting Machine: The cutter can be changed to make chin chin of different sizes and shapes, which is convenient and quick.
Fryer: Oil-water mixing technology, the frying temperature can be controlled, and the fried chin chin has good color and good taste.
Deoiling Machine: It is widely used for removing the oil from chin chin snacks with high efficiency.
Packing Machine: The chin chin packing machine is used for precise size, touch screen control and high degree of automation.
Chin Chin Making Machine Supplier
Advantages of Automatic Chin Chin Making Machine
1. The machine is simple to operate, the degree of automation is enhanced, efficient, and the labor cost is saved.
2. Beautiful appearance, there are different models to meet the requirements of customers, and special can be customized.
3. The operation of the chin chin machine is stable, the noise during operation is small, and it will not affect the work of others.
4. Made by a professional chin chin making machine supplier, guaranteed for one year.

Working Video of Industrial Chin Chin Cutter

If you want to make chin chin dough of different shapes and sizes, it is also available. There are triangle shape, square shape, diamond shape, and hexagon shape, special sizes also can be customized.
Technical Data
No. Machine Power Dimension Weight
1 Dough Mixer 3 kw 1180*550*920 mm 420 kg
2 Dough Pressing Machine 2.2 kw 1130*610*1060mm 230 kg
3 Chin Chin Cutting Machine 1.5 kw 1530*560*1110 mm 200 kg
4 Chin Chin Fryer Machine 36 kw 1400*1400*1100mm 230 kg
5 Deoiling Machine 2.2 kw 1450*1250*1700mm 200 kg
6 Automatic Packing Machine 1.8 kw 820*980*1680 mm 480 kg

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