Conveyor Flour Chips Fryer Machine|Kaimati Dough Frying Machine

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Description of Continuous Flour Chips Fryer Machine
The electric/gas frying machine is widely used for processing flour chips, dough, kaimati, as well as puffed food, nut product, meat, aquatic products, etc. Automatic operation, equipped with conveyor belt can work continuously.
Flour Chips|Kaimati Frying Machine For Sale
The process of feeding and discharging is fully automatic. Kaimati dough frying machine is specially designed for small scale frying factories. Each time can fry 20 to 40 kg, the output of different materials is different.

Characters of Flour Chips Fryer Machine
1. Wide application: this automatic frying machine can be used to fry various dough product like chin chin, flour chips, corn chips, kaimati dough, etc.
2. Adopt PLC control system, you can set the frying time and deoiling time, as well as the frying temperature, it is very convenient.
3. Square and round shapes of frying basket for your choice, there is stirring in the pot, which is mainly used to flip the fried food to avoid sticking.
4. Customers have electric, gas heating method, etc can choose. Kaimati dough frying machine supports customization.

Working Video of Continuous Flour Chips Fryer Machine

How To Maintain Kaimati Dough Frying Machine
① Fryer maintenance involves regular cleaning and inspection of both the machine and the oil.
② The fryer machine itself has to properly care.
③  Also, the oil needsto be filtered and changed regularly to the ensure the fried food Aavor and color.
Technical Data
Model GGZYD100
Heating method Electric/Gas
Capacity 20-40kg/time
Amount of oil 320L
Fried frame size φ1000*400
Machine size 1500*1400*1700MM


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