French Fries Cutting Machine|Commercial Potato Chips Slicer

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Introduction of French Fries Cutting Machine
This machine is suitable for potato hard vegetable cut strips or slices, is the vegetable processing industry to make fresh vegetables and dehydrated vegetables more ideal processing equipment, but also the fast food industry processing French fries ideal machinery.
french fries cutting machine
Structure Characteristics:
The main organic frame, shell, dial material plate, cutter, transmission part, discharge hood and so on.

Working Principle of Potato Chips Slicer
When working, the potato material will be put into Hopper, and the inverted material on the rotating dial is to guide the material to rotate along the shell wall, and the cutting knife installed on the wall of the shell will cut the vegetables into strips and cut the chips out from the material.
The potato chips slicer can be matched products: cleaning peeling machine, frying machine, dehydration, oil removal machine, bleaching ironing machine, inflatable packaging machine, potato chips chips complete sets of equipment (assembly line)

Features of French Fries Slicer Machine
The equipment has the characteristics of good cutting quality, high chopping efficiency, convenient operation and low energy consumption. Contact with the vegetable parts are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, in line with food processing machinery hygiene standards requirements.
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