Commercial French Fry Fryer Machine|Automatic Potato Chips Frying Machine

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GG-4500 Model Commercial French Fry Fryer Machine Introduction
This is a full automatic french fry fryer machine applies to fried chicken claw shop, fast food restaurant, canteen, chain store, supermarket, medium and small-sized fried food processing enterprises, also named potato chips frying machine, it is widely used in meat, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta and other food fried processing. Electricity for heating energy, automatic feeding, automatic stirring, easy to operate, fried food not only color, aroma, taste, good appearance, clean and beautiful without black slag, and improve product quality, prolong shelf life.
Commercial French Fry Frying Machine
Characteristics of Potato Chips Frying Machine
1. The potato chips frying machine adopts the imported high quality stainless steel (SUS304) material, the craft is exquisite, durable.
2. GG-4500 model electric and gas automatic french fry fryer machine using intelligent digital display thermostat, convenient and practical.
3. Commercial potato chips frying machine using oil-water mixing process, with an efficient burner, the heat exchanger installed in the oxygen-filled box, can automatically add air to the pipeline, so that the source of fire can be fully burned in the pipeline, emission of small, non-polluting, high thermal efficiency, fast warming, improve production efficiency.
4. GG-4500 automatic french fry fryer machine adopts automatic temperature control, no overheating, no residue, effective separation of inferior oil, safe and easy to clean and repair easily.
5. GG-4500 automatic potato chips fryer machine equipped with over-temperature protection device, so you rest assured that use.
French Fry and Potato Chips

French Fry Fryer Machine Manufacturer Introduction
Company is located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, adjacent to high-speed rail, traffic is very convenient. The company is a collection of scientific research, manufacturing and sales of professional production of frying machine, fried line, vegetable cleaning machine, pasteurization line, drying machine, such as stainless steel food machinery company. Company has strong technical strength, equipment and detection means complete.

The company has professional engineering and technical personnel, at all times for users to create environmental protection, green, energy-saving High-tech products for users to create quality and reliable brand. Through the company's scientific research personnel absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with customer demand, continuous innovation, the development of a variety of efficient frying machine, applicable to all types of fried food enterprises. This french fry fryer machine can be used for fried chicken, fish, fried dough sticks, peanuts, potato chips, shrimp strips, chicken, beans, shaqima, rice crust, peas, vegetables and other food. Is the food production enterprise, the diet fast food industry, the cooked food processing industry, the canteen provides the ideal equipment.

French Fry Fryer Machine Working Video

Technical Data
Model GG-4500
Power 90-120 kw
Dimension 5000*1000*200 mm
Capacity 200-500 kg/h
Temperature 0-300℃


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