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Introduction of Fried Rice Machine
This machine can be called fried food machine, fried rice machine, stir machine, roasted seeds and nuts machine, fried meat floss machine, it's wide range of application, easy to operate. The products that are suitable for production include:
◇ Fried rice, fried noodles, fried rice noodles, stir fry, fried meat floss, fried dried, scrambled oats, fried laver, fried all kinds of dry goods and nuts, etc.
◇ Braised System: Beef brisket, pig feet, ribs, braised pork, chicken, duck, meat sauce and so on.
fried rice and noodle
Characteristics of Fried Noodel Making Machine
1. Automatic temperature control, free set time, electronic ignition, fire adjustable, variable frequency speed regulation, automatic positive and negative turn, electric take-off and landing, automatic discharge.
2. The main equipment of the selection of 304 high-quality stainless steel, arc bottom of the pot design, no sanitary corner.
3. Stable operation, simple operation, high production efficiency and wide application range.

As a fried rice machine manufacturer, we mainly produce commercial, automatic and high quality equipment, this fried rice machine has other models, if you need, please send us your requirement, that we will suggest you suitable machine. Here is a working video of fried rice machine.
Technical Data
Model Voltage Power Diameter Volume Capability/time  Rotation rate Temperature Heat source Dimensions Consumption Net weight
GGCS30L 380V/50HZ/
0.37KW Φ300 30L 10~12L 0~10r/min 200℃ gas L1000*W800*H1350 4000kcal/h 180kg
GGCS60L 380V/50HZ/
0.75KW Φ450 60L 20~25L 0~10r/min 200℃ gas L1100*W1000*H1400 5000kcal/h 250kg
GGCS180L 380V/50HZ/
1.1 KW Φ600 180L 60~70L 0~10r/min 200℃ gas L1290*W1300*H1650 10000kcal/h 350kg
GGCS260L 380V/50HZ/
1.5 KW Φ750 260L 90~120L 0~10r/min 200℃ gas L1430*W1300*H1700 12000kcal/h 450kg
GGCS500L 380V/50HZ/
1.5 KW Φ900 500L 120~170L 0~10r/min 200℃ gas L1500*W1400*H1750 30000kcal/h 550kg


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