Electric Spring Roll Lumpia Wrapper Frying Machine in Vietnam

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Description of Spring Roll Wrapper Frying Machine
There are many uses for fryer machine, not only for frying of banana chips, potato chips, french fries, chickpeas, green beans, etc., but also for nuts, seafood products and pastry products. For example, spring roll wrapper, fried spring roll wrappers are crispy and delicious, and are often made into spring rolls.

The spring roll wrapper frying machine has various forms such as electric heating, gas heating, coal heating, etc, the whole machine is made of stainless steel 304, and he craftsmanship is exquisite, sturdy and durable.
Electric Spring Roll Wrapper Fryer Machine
Advantages of Electric Spring Roll Wrapper Fryer Machine
1. The whole process of oil temperature automatic control, the temperature can be set freely from 0-300 degrees, suitable for frying foods of various process requirements.
2. It adopts intelligent digital display thermostat, which is convenient and practical. And with protection device, it is a smokeless, multi-functional, water-oil mixing frying equipment.
3. The color of the spring roll skin fried with this fryer is bright, the quality of the product is obviously improved, and the problem of excessive acidification of the fried food is solved.
4. Spring roll wrapper frying machine's double-layer mesh belt avoids product floating and makes the food fry more uniform. It is made of stainless steel and the mesh belt is easy to clean.
5. Advanced mechanical transmission and variable frequency speed control system make this equipment suitable for frying all kinds of foods (such as tofu, meatloaf, meatballs, chicken, casserole, fish, etc).

Working Video of Vietnam Spring Roll Wrapper Frying Machine

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