Kerupuk Bawang Recipe Making Machine|Prawn Crackers Machine

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Description of Kerupuk Bawang Making Machine
Prawn cracker is a kind of cheap and delicious fried puffed food processed with shrimp powder and starch. It is produced by automated equipment, which is crisp and delicious, and more healthy. Prawn crackers machine can make the snack of large capacity and high efficiency.
Automatic Prawn Crackers Machine in Indonesia
The non-fried indonesia kerupuk bawang production line is an automatic plant for shrimp chips, which consists of flour mixer, extruder, forming machine, cutter, slicer and so on. It can produce 100 kg or more prawn crackers per hour, and the size can be adjusted.

The processing of indonesia prawn crackers is as follows: materials mixing→ dough extrusion→ cylindrical dough molding→ cutting→ slicing→ frying→ finished products. 

Advantages of Kerupuk Bawang Recipe Making Machine
1. Mature technology: The equipment adopts the mechatronics design. The prawn crackers machine is composed of electric heating device, screw extrusion device, molds and motor. It is multi-purpose and has stable and reliable performance.
2. Environmental protection and sanitation: smokeless emissions during production, environmental protection and pollution-free, safe and hygienic.
3. Automatic temperature control: using electric heating and automatic temperature control, cooking, curing, forming new processes, so that the temperature difference of shrimp stick production is smaller, the heating is more uniform, and the taste is better.
4. Simple operation: The production line is composed of independent single-machine equipment, which is more convenient for maintenance, the cutting speed of the slicer can be adjusted, and the thickness of the shrimp slices can be controlled.
Commercial Kerupuk Bawang Making Machine
Precautions When Using Automatic Prawn Crackers Machine
1. Use a power source compatible with the motor. The voltage of this kerupuk bawang making machine is 380 volts.
2. When the equipment is deactivated, clean up the residues in the equipment in time to prevent the residues from being unable to be cleaned up after drying out, which affects the normal use of the equipment.
3. After a period of use, slippage may occur due to the wear of the V-belt. At this time, loosen the motor bolts, adjust the motor backward, tighten the belt, and then fix the motor bolts.
Technical Data
Capacity 125kg-150kg/h
Extruder power 18.5kw
Feeder power 3.7kw
From machine power 4kw
Cutting machine power 2.2kw
Cooking machine speed 600 r/min
Outlet machine speed 103 r/min


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