Single Screw Snack Food Kurkure Puffed Extruder Equipment Price

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Description of Single Screw Kurkure Extruder
The extruder can be used to produce various types of puffed foods such as pizza rolls, shell crisps, cat ear crisps, pea crisps, spirals, shells, and crispy corners, which are popular in the market with flour as the basic raw material.

Working Video of Kurkure Puffed Extruder Equipment

Working Principle of Single Screw Snack Food Extruder
During the extrusion and expansion process, the material is placed in a sealed barrel equipped with a screw (spindle). With the forced advancement of the screw, due to the extrusion of the single screw and the barrel wall, the internal shear force of the material and The external thermal energy makes the material at high temperature (temperature can reach 100 ~ 200 °C).
Because the material is in a sealed state, high pressure is generated as the sealed volume changes and the temperature rises, which gradually turns the material into a gel state of a thermorheological body and obtains a large amount of energy to change the original physical and chemical Attributes. 
Snack Food Extruder Machine
Advantages of Puffed Kurkure Extruder Equipment
1. Precision: The extrusion system is equipped with advanced multiple sets of temperature control and automatic cooling devices, which are accurate and reliable in temperature control.
2. High degree of automation: feeding, rotary cutting, and main drive all adopt variable frequency speed regulation system, which has a high degree of automation.
3. The unique design of discharge guide, the pressure at each point in the mold is more balanced, the extruded product is more uniform, and the product appearance is more beautiful and consistent.
4. The raw material quenching and tempering system can be configured to mix the raw materials more evenly, so that the product quality is better and the taste is better.
5. This single screw snack extruder equipped with automatic lubrication system to reduce mechanical energy consumption and prolong service life.
6. Comprehensive coverage, can produce different snacks, is a production line solution and a variety of single screw snack food kurkure puffed extruder equipment.
Technical Data
Model GGDLG130
Capacity 110~ 140KG/H
Total 62KW
Real 43KW
Size 4100*1100*2260mm
Speed mode Frequency

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