Automatic Rectangular Pani Puri(Phuchka) Frying Machine in India

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Automatic Pani Puri Frying Machine in India with Continuous Working
The body of this machine is made of SUS 304, ensuring pani puri(phuchka) production is more healthy and hygienic. The double-layer mesh belt can effectively prevent the food from floating, and the food is fried more fully and evenly.
Phuchka Frying Machine with High Quality
And the fryer is working, the mesh belt can move, and the speed can be adjusted. Using high-quality accessories, the phuchka frying machine can work continuously. There are a variety of output options to meet the needs of different users to the greatest extent.

Advantages of Automatic Pani Puri Frying Machine
1. Equipped with adjustable speed mesh belt, in addition to preventing floating, it can also prevent food from sticking to each other due to extrusion.
2. After frying, it can be used with automatic deoiling machine and drum seasoning machine for continuous and uninterrupted work.
3. The energy methods include electric heating, gas heating, diesel heating, etc. Can be selected by customers for reference.
4. The phuchka frying machine has a rectangular shape as a whole, and the length can be customized according to customer output.
5. Independent temperature control system can achieve different temperature control of products, electronic induction, accurate and visual digital display.
Pani Puri Frying Machine For Automatic Operation
Note: Many people ask whether electric heating is better or gas heating? This depends on the local usage. For example, in some places, power resources are scarce, and there are frequent power outages, which can be selected by gas heating.

Working Video of Pani Puri(Phuchka) Frying Machine

India Pani Puri Frying Machine with Low Price
1. The automatic control of oil temperature which can be set from 0-300ºC during the whole operation of phuchka frying machine applies to frying the foods with various process requirements.
2. With the advanced and efficient heating system, the oil pool adopts the heat preservation technology which saves energy, improves the work efficiency and reduces the unit cost. 
3. Adopt the internationally accepted oil-water mixture process design which saves more cooking oil compared with the ordinary frying machine. It can extend the service cycle of cooking oil without generation of carbonized oil.
Technical Data
Model GG-LZE3500A
Heating Type Electric
Power Convey1.5, Hoist 0.75, Heat100 KW
Size 3700*1400*2300 MM
Weight 800 KG
Capacity 200 KG/H
Mesh Belt Width 800 MM
Oil discharge 800L


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