Commercial Peanut Green Peas Seasoning Machine For Sale

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Main Features of Peanut Seasoning Machine 
Continuous seasoning machine used in food production process of food seasoning. The equipment has dip type seasoning drum, full automatic control speed and the capacity of the material, suitable for pipeline continuous seasoning operation. Equipped with screw powder feeding device, and can be in the powder mixing at the same time, so that the seasoning will not occur due to different gravity, halogen, and the formation of deposition, bonding, canopy empty. Equipped with stirring powder, uniform, quantitative and accurate. The product set electromagnetic, optical control, electronic control, digital delay in one, high degree of automation.
peanut green peas seasoning machine
Green Peas Seasoning Machine Structure
The equipment is composed of bracket, roller, roller drive system, dusting system, dusting transmission system, distribution plate and so on.

Production Process
(1) The equipment into the power supply, the equipment used 220v power input, output drum motor as follows: 380v, dusting motor for 220v.
(2) Start the drum motor, the drum will slowly start to normal speed. Start dusting motor, sprinkle powder device to start work.
(3) Will need to stir seasoning raw materials, from the feed mouth end with conveyor or artificially slowly, continuous feed into the seasoning machine
(4) To open the powder-feeding motor, so that the seasoning evenly spray in the drum.
(5) Check the running parts, determine the normal operation can work.
(6) The rotational speed is too high, can turn the inverter knob to the left, rotate speed is slow, the lowest can not be below the maximum speed of 70%.
(7) The material in the drum forward movement too fast, can reduce the roller tilt, too slow to increase the roller tilt.
Technical Data
Model GG-2S
Power 0.75 kw
Output 200-250 kg/h
Size 1500*650*1500 mm


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