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puff puff frying machine
Description of Puff Puff Frying Machine

This puff puff frying machine also named mandazi fryer equipment, it is for sale to many countries. This frying machine is specially used to make fried food equipment, it is suitable for many kinds of materials, such as puff puff, chin chin, peanuts, beans, green beans, french fries, potato chips, production and diverse, customers can choose. The frying machine is installed with impurities filter, you can filter out the impurities floating in the oil, and the bottom of the residue will be discharged through the drainage valve, this is in order to make food in the frying pan process, the resulting impurities can be discharged in a timely manner, unaffected by their interference, affect the effect of frying. The frying machine has its own temperature display function and can be controlled automatically by the Control Panel. Long service life, no pollution.

The Characteristics of Mandazi Fryer Equipment
1, The entire oil temperature automatic control, the temperature from 0-300 degrees can be set freely, suitable for frying a variety of process requirements of food.
2, The valve is located in the lower part of the oil, any time add water can be, will not affect the frying work, and has a check valve.
3, The low part water has the temperature measuring device, the water temperature displays at a glance, moreover, also may set the water temperature.
4, The oil-water separation surface is equipped with the observation glass tube and the discharge valve detection device. The water line can be more accurate. 
5, Adopt the International general oil-water mixing process design, prolong the use period of the cooking oil, no carbonization oils are produced. 
6, The production of food smooth finish good, bright color, product quality grade significantly improved, and to solve the fried food acidification exceeding the problem. 
7, In the process of frying food residues can be filtered through the water into the lower part of the funnel, through the discharge outlet, to achieve the role of filtration oil.
8, One machine more use, need not change oil can fry a variety of food, no fume, not Chuanwei, save time Environmental protection.
Technical Data
Model GG-3000
Heating Electric/Gas/Diesel
Power 90-120kw
Dimension 3500*800*2400mm
Capacity 100-300 kg/h
Temperature 0-300℃


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